Trump’s bullish projections reinforced by the Labour market

Rising market

The minor bump in the road for Payroll figures this afternoon won’t cause concern for Janet Yellen as Trump’s bullish projections for growth attempt to take the limelight away from his personal life in the White House.
Despite the headline figure pulling back to 148k this afternoon, prior figures were revised up and the plethora of Dollar bulls will simply rejoice in recent comments coming from the President (not Chairwoman of the Fed), that GDP will hit 4% in years to come. With Unemployment at a record low of 4.1%, Trump’s followers within US boarders come largely from recent tax reforms, and despite conjecture on his personal misdemeanours, the US President appears to be pointing the economy in the right direction. Love or loathe him, Mr Trump’s trajectory for the US economy is looking increasingly impressive and very much on the right track.

Alex Lydall quoted in Proactive Investors

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