Eurozone CPI

The flurry of positive economic data over the first quarter of 2017 within the Eurozone has had its policymakers in a buoyant mood with much to be upbeat about, with ’Populist’ politics also seeming to be a distant memory following the French Elections.
However, the latest Preliminary Eurozone Inflation reading which shows the Single State Bloc missing forecasts (1.4% vs 1.5%) against what was already a sizeable difference from April’s reading of 1.9%, clearly proves that Mario Draghi’s latest statement of the bloc still needing an “extraordinary amount of monetary support” adds serious weight. The latest figures should give European policymakers the wake up call it arguably hasn’t needed in recent times amidst Greek debt uncertainty and the threat of turbulent Italian elections which may be earlier than expected.

Euro Catches a Reality-Check on Inflation Data Release

Anthony Kurukgy quoted in PoundSterling Live


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